Avoid clichés like the plague

“Avoid clichés like the plague.”  I saw that in a rather labored list of writing tips, each one violating itself, “Don’t abrv.” “Avoid redundant and repetitive words”, that sort of thing.  I took the one about clichés to heart, and not only in my writing. I’ve developed an unreasonable distaste for the clichéd, the true-and-true, the commonplace.

The example at hand is New Year’s resolutions.  What could be more tedious than resolving to improve oneself?   Write every day?  Why not start today, why wait for New Years?  Go to the gym three times a week?  Good idea, but start in mid-December, or June.  Be nicer to people?  Start now!

Screw it.  I’m a stereotype.  An unimaginative bourgois, a trend-following lemming.

My novel is done; the writing part anyway, which you’d think would be the hard part.  Now I’ve got to get it all type-set, find someone for the cover, start marketing.  Those tasks are hard for me, not because of the sheer volume of work to be done (the novel took me three years to write), but simply because I’m not very good at them.

So I’m making a New Years resolution: write every day.  It’s part of the marketing plan, but it’s also just to keep me on target.  I’m supposed to be a writer and a writer writes.

Also, to maintain the necessary energy, I’m going to go to the gym three times a week.

Maybe I’ll even try being nicer to people.

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