Well, that didn’t last long

December 30th, despite being acutely aware of the unreliability of New Year’s resolutions, I resolved to post every day.

December 31st, I did not post at all.

Mwahaha.  I suppose I have good excuses.  I was at work for much of the day, and then again in the wee hours; I played host to a New Year’s Eve party; I had to take a nap.  But excuses are just excuses.

In the computer biz, we say, “There’s no such thing as a user error.”  If a user has done something wrong, it’s because the computer program was not designed properly.

I need to structure my life so writing, and other non-optional activities, are properly scheduled.  My plan is to try some things, perhaps starting with “write first thing in the morning”.  My old boss used to complain that the first instinct of an engineer was to reduce every problem to an engineering question; I used to retort (silently) that the first error of a manager was to fail to do so.  We’ll see who was right.

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