The perfect conversation

You know how in your own head, you always win arguments.  Your imaginary opponent always takes the exact positions that you are prepared to demolish and never finds the flaws in your own.  It does not work out that way in real life.  Usually.
I was having lunch with a reliably liberal friend of mine today.  She is not particularly political, she has just lived in San Francisco long enough to forget the difference between espousing left-liberal orthodoxy and Being Utterly Correct.  It’s a common problem.
Also having trouble with Obamacare
“I’m having trouble with Obamacare.”

“Did you vote for Obama?”

“The ‘silver’ coverage has a higher deductible—”

“Did you vote for Obama?”

“—and it’s twice as expensive as my old policy—”

“Did you vote for Obama?”

“—and it doesn’t cover as much.”

“That’s not true.  It covers contraception and maternity.”

“I’m 45.”

“And they have to sell it to you, even if you have a pre-existing condition.”

“I don’t have any pre-existing conditions.”

“You’re subsidizing those who do.”

“I don’t mind subsidizing health care.  But this isn’t subsidizing; this is just me paying for other people.”

“Did you vote for Obama?”

“I did, but I tell you something, next time I’m voting Republican.  Unless the Republicans nominate another idiot.”

Probably, the GOP won’t call her bluff.

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