Infinite BBQ

Pass the cole-slaw!You know the joke about how did the computer programmer die in the shower?  He followed the instructions on the shampoo!

For you non-programmers, the instructions on the shampoo are “1. Lather 2. Rinse. 3. Repeat” and to a computer, that constitutes an infinite loop, since there is no explanation of when to stop repeating.

This afternoon, Barack Obama invited me to a BBQ.  Well, not so much Barack Obama himself as somebody in his political office’s IT department.  And not so much “invited” as offered me a chance to win an invitation, in return for my generous donation of course.

But gambling is illegal at the Federal level, so there must be a way to play without making the donation.  Sure enough, a little link said “Enter without donating” and led to a form to enter the contest.  I filled it out and entered.

A minute later, I got an email saying, “Thanks – want another chance to win?”

Don’t mind if I do.  I went back to the form, my browser auto-filled the values, I only had to hit “Enter”.

And again I got an email saying, “Thanks – want another chance to win?”

Huh, infinite loop again.

TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY-THREE ENTRIES LATER, I decided I didn’t want to go to a BBQ that much after all, and broke the loop manually.  Although how they expected anyone but computer programmers to win this contest, I have no idea.

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