Tree scam

You don’t have to be a brain surgeon, just a tree surgeon, to pull this one off.

1. Drive around and find a tree that partially blocks a stop sign and that is in front of someone’s house.
2. File an anonymous complaint with DPW, the Department of Public Works.
3. Post a flyer advertising your arborological services, directly on the tree.
4. When the homeowner gets the notice from DPW, requiring him to prune his tree, lest people not see the sign and crash and die, he will go outside to look at the offending tree, where by sheer coincidence, he will find your flyer.
5. Profit!

I don’t know for a fact that that is what happened to me, but given that the flyer and the notice both appeared right around the same time, I am suspicious.  Props to my Brooklyn-dwelling daughter, for being street-smart enough to point it out.


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